Foreign diplomats promised help in the rehabilitation of flood victims

Foreign diplomats promised help in the rehabilitation of flood victims

Foreign diplomats promised help in the rehabilitation of flood victims

Foreign diplomats promised help in the rehabilitation of flood victims: Finman Ishaq Dar meeting with British, Chinese and American representatives, General reconstruction and rehabilitation phase will take 5 to 7 years.
Pakistan has been hit by one of the worst and most devastating floods since the 2010 floods, which have greatly affected lives in the affected areas and the country’s economy, which was already in crisis.
While the economy suffered a loss of $15.2 billion, $16.3 billion is needed for recovery. The flood increased the poverty rate by 4%, with 9.1 million people below the poverty line.

During a meeting with outgoing British High Commissioner Dr. Christian Turner and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) consultant Michael Barber, Dar apprised them of the post-flood reconstruction and rehabilitation programmes.

Senator Dar said that the overall phase of restructuring and rehabilitation would take five to seven financial years.

The finance czar briefed the officials about the country’s general economic outlook and also said that Pakistan has met its external financial obligations and had recently given a bonus of one billion dollars.

Giving information about the policies and measures taken by the present coalition government to protect the vulnerable sections of the society, Dar mentioned that the democratically led government of Pakistan has allocated revenue and expenditure to achieve its national objectives. It has a comprehensive and practical program. as well as international financial obligations.

Turner, whose tenure as High Commissioner ends next month, appreciated the government’s practical steps and offered all possible assistance from the British government to the people of Pakistan to mitigate the socio-economic impact of the floods. .

‘Realistic plan to tackle costs’

During a meeting with Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong, Dar drew attention to the deep and deepening ties between the two countries.

“It was shared that China and Pakistan have strong bilateral relations in a number of economic sectors,” the finance department said in a statement.

The two leaders discussed deepening these relations in the economic and financial sectors.

The Finance Minister expressed grief over the death of former Chinese President Jiang Zemin and said that it is a great loss for China and Pakistan as the deceased was a great friend of Islamabad.

Senator Dar apprised the Ambassador about the reconstruction and rehabilitation program initiated by the present government after the deadly floods.

The finance minister appreciated the support of the Chinese government in this difficult time and said that the government has taken various measures to protect the weaker sections of the society.

He also said that the Pakistani government has a “realistic plan” to deal with the cost of reconstruction and rehabilitation programs in flood-affected areas.

The finance minister also told the Chinese ambassador that the government is committed to completing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) program and meeting all foreign debt repayments on time.

The Chinese ambassador thanked the government for its political initiatives to support and maintain fiscal and monetary stability.

He expressed goodwill and assured that the Chinese government would continue to support Pakistan, adding that Beijing stands with the Pakistani people and is ready to provide all possible assistance.

‘Comprehensive and practical plans’

In a meeting with the US Ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Bloom, the Finance Minister highlighted the historical and longstanding bilateral relations with the US on the economic and trade front.

According to the statement, Deputy Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Finance Tariq Bajwa, Finance Minister Hamid Yaqub Sheikh and other senior officials of the Finance Department attended the meeting.

The Finance Minister briefed the US Ambassador on post-flood reconstruction and rehabilitation projects.

“It was also shared that the present government is very concerned about the welfare of the people and has taken several measures in this regard.”

According to the statement, during the meeting, the two sides also discussed other matters of mutual interest.

The Finance Minister apprised the US Ambassador of the government’s comprehensive and practical plans for revenue and expenditure to meet domestic and international financial obligations.

American Ambassador Bloom responded with similar sentiments on bilateral relations between the United States and Pakistan.

He acknowledged the enormous economic losses caused to Pakistan by the flood crisis and said that the US government stands by Pakistan in this difficult time.

Appreciating the American support, the finance minister said that Washington has always supported Pakistan in difficult times.

Senator Dar highlighted various economic avenues in which the two countries can further deepen their economic ties.

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